Friday, December 27, 2013

Off Spec Cows...

I was looking back at the previous posts and realised that many of the photos have disappeared. Probably when Blogger was migrated over to the Google servers.. I'm pretty sure I uploaded those photos and didn't just link them to FB.

Anyway, I was summoned to my beef supplier's warehouse today because he needed me to see something. Check out what was waiting for me.




The marbling is really insane. I ended up buying the whole lot, roughly 20 kilos. That was his evil plan all along...

Thing is, all beef was created equal, just that some are more equal than others. The 3 pictures above show:
  • Wagyu M8/9
  • Wagyu M6/7
  • Grass fed Angus

What's the big deal? Well, higher intramuscular fat is prized because it adds flavour and unctuousness to the meat. Finding grass fed beef with marbling like this is ridiculous. Definitely off specification and a true gem. 

I'm gonna try something new here. The first person who can correctly match the type/grade and cut of meat to A,B and C above wins a portion of this at okb. Obviously, people I've spoken to about this yesterday do not qualify.. Leave your answers in the comments!

The portion is about 300g and is worth $50. For the heck of it, I'll even throw in a free glass of the Brave, a Barossa Valley Shiraz that is not sold by the glass. I'll pour you a glass and keep the rest for myself. Definitely my favourite wine and the ultimate companion to this piece of cow.

Any takers? :)


At the start of the year, I told myself that I would be more active here. The last post was in January. So much for that...

2013 has been an interesting year. Took on 2 potential investors who turned out to be mostly hot air, kicked them out in a squabble that nearly went to court, accepted that I wasn't gonna get rid of okb so easily, took on 2 investors with real chops, a renovation and a new girlfriend later, the business appears to be finally in order. Time will tell...

Learned a lot this year, that's for sure. I hope 2014 is less of a pain in the ass :)